Tractor Demo

Fri 7th July 2006

tim among the missing

/incoming/tractor.jpgSo Tractor have been around a while, but as far as I know have until now only released a 10" split with the equally marvellous Geisha. This is a new demo to showcase their new material and new drummer Kunal (of SuperFi Records fame), their old drummer having left to join Geisha strangely enough.

This demo hits the spot straight away... with sleazy dirty distorted vocals, sludgey guitars and bass. The vocals and drums reminiscent of early Jesus Lizard and their previous band Scratch Acid. The guitars head towards Melvins territory. Creating a fuzzy warm feel that leaves you feeling a touch dirty and soiled afterwards. The lyrics are subtle to the sound and very well written. In fact I'm surprised this isn't planned for a full release in EP form, it's that good. The sound recording being of a high quality and fitting with the band's dirty sound.

I suggest if you like sludgey groove based music you'd better mail Kunal and pick one of these up.


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