Scissorfight Joseph's Well, Leeds, 02/05/2006

Thu 4th May 2006

Support from Threads, Gentleman's Pistols, Blood Island Raiders

Matt D.

It's the first night of Scissorfight's UK tour. Joseph's Well isn't exactly packed out, but there's a respectable gathering of people eager to see the Scissorfight boys kick out some of their trademark southern fried riffage. There's a total of three support bands in the form of Threads, Gentleman's Pistols and Blood Island Raiders. The evening gets off to a late start due to the delayed arrival of Scissorfight. Once all the backline has been sorted out the proceedings kick off with some straight up rock courtesy of Leeds based outfit Threads. Fronted by ex-Khang frontman Bry, the four piece deliver an energetic set of up-tempo stoner rock.

Gentleman's Pistols are next up. Their sound is classic 70s rock, like a blend of Mountain and Deep Purple. We're treated to some bluesy dual guitar work coupled with catchy hooks and head nodding rhythms. It's all slightly tongue in cheek but the musicianship is unquestionably good and the band are an absolute joy to watch. If there's any justice these guys should be playing Roadburn next year.

Blood Island Raiders offer up a slightly more modern sound and manage to couple Kyuss styled grooves with staccato metal tinged riffing. They band lay down a thick wall of riffs whilst their vocalist belts out some solid Garcia inspired vocals. It's an energetic set that further warms the crowd up for the arrival of Scissorfight.

When Scissorfight finally hit the stage at about 11:30, there's only about 35 or so minutes left before the venue has to pull the plug. Scissorfight waste no time and launch straight into "Outmotherfucker the Man" to a rapturous response from the crowd. From then on in, it's a drunken frenzy of pumping fists, sing along choruses and vigorous head nodding. Scissorfight are the pure embodiment of good time beer fuelled rock, possessing an undeniably gratifying neanderthal groove that demands you drink more beer and rock like a bastard. The band plough through fan favourites like, "Your Money's on the Monkey" and "New Hampshire's Alright if You Like Fighting", clearly enjoying themselves as much as the crowd. It's all over far too soon as Scissorfight are forced to leave the stage after a mere 35 minutes. In spite of the fairly brief set I doubt anyone left Joseph's Well feeling short changed. Scissorfight delivered an indisputably awesome set and I'd urge you all to catch these guys as they make their way through the UK.


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