The Abominable Iron Sloth The Abominable Iron Sloth

Wed 29th March 2006


/incoming/tais175.jpgImagine members from Ghostride and Will Haven playing pummelling sludge, sound good? It bloody well is!! Inspired by the story of a beast during the ice age, this album will appeal to any fans of grooves and low-end riffs. Like a combination of Will Haven and old Charger, The Abominable Iron Sloth is a true manifestation of super-doom. 'A Hot Pink Shell Of My Former Self' is lead by a grooving but violence inducing riff that smashes through walls before slowing down into a bridge and then kicking out again like a mule.

The album was recorded in California and mixed by Eric Stenman (Will Haven/Deftones) and the recording allows the all important guitars to dominate throughout with a perfect bottom-end tone. This isn't slow as slime kill yourself sludge (most songs are under 3 minutes) but more up-tempo groove-downs led by evil vocals that could cause mosh-pits to erupt and heads to bang. Undergroove rule!!


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