Immune Promo

Mon 27th March 2006


/incoming/immune2.jpgThis may not be the best review ever, I must admit. The style of music Immune play is not one I usually listen to, and therefore any references I point to maybe off the mark, or considered faux pas in their obviousness. Despite this, I'm still eager to write this, because this is a fantastic promo, and hopefully my enthusiasm for it will do it justice where my description cannot.

With disclaimer fully intact then, I'll get to the point. This promo EP features two tracks of prog-industrial rock and has been released in advance of Immune's forthcoming album. The obvious influences, as I mentioned I'd include earlier, are Tool and Nine Inch Nails, but these occur in single moments rather than truly aping either sound - the effects on 'Monkey' reminiscent of those on 'The Fragile' for instance. The vocalist's excellent, powerful singing fits perfectly with the atmospheric music - reminding me of another impressive UK underground act, Brenda. I could imagine the two touring successfully together.

To my taste, I'd have preferred another heavier moment (other than that experienced right at the end) interspersed somewhere along the way, but then that's just me being greedy. Immune really shine here, and show huge potential. If the aim of this promo is to entice people into buying the album, then they've succeeded in their mission here.


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