The Legion Of Doom Ewh

Tue 21st February 2006


I'll start this review off by simply saying The Legion Of Doom are one of the best British crop currently standing tall in their field of instru-metal glory. Hailing all the way from sunny Nottingham the quartet rock without the post and blend metal heaviness with melody to create an utterly sweet barrage of riffs, beats and guitar solos aren't held back on either.

So if you were one of the lucky 50 to get this limited edition EP 'EWH' that offers up three brand spanking new tracks then thank your lucky stars. Arriving in handcrafted sleeves a lot of work has clearly put into the artistry surrounding their pummelling music.

'Brown For John' the opener is what I have come to know and love The Legion for which is chop change between the chug and the solo guitar lick, as well as the fast paced air guitar moments with the head crashing nod-alongs! At not one moment do I wish for vocals, anyone who says so needs to broaden their minds as instrumental clearly is the way forward! Mix the guitars with the ever thick rumbling bass when it breaks down and boy oh boy you're onto a winner.

Suffering somewhat from 'Spinal Tap Syndrome' the boys of The Doom will be heading on to their third drummer in their illustrious career but hopefully that won't stop them on the path to world domination! 'Tennis Bastard' perhaps finishes too quickly and the guitar solo is brilliant, but ultimately short! So basically boys, loving your work, but more of the same please!

Named after their debut EP 'Manifesto The First' closes the CD with some interlocking guitar harmonies hitting the spot magnificentally and a galloping beat that urges, nay forces you to tap your foot along in unison. The final track however does end up overly long as the fourth minute is the weakest part of the CD because if it had finished on a high note at about three minutes it would have been a much better closer.

Niggles out of the way The Legion Of Doom are a refreshing and alluring prospect for 2006 and beyond.


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