Bible Of The Devil Brutality * Majesty * Eternity

Sat 24th December 2005


/incoming/BotD.jpgIt's not difficult to see where this Chicago four-piece's influences lie. This is pure 80's metal. Iron Maiden and Judas Priest comparisons are obvious, but when 'Winds Of Deth' kicks in, with its dualling guitars, 'Steve Harris on speed' bassline and Bruce Dickinson style 'who-oh-oh-oh's', the comparisons are hard to ignore. The ringing bells would sound almost comical, if it wasn't for the fact that that Bible Of The Devil are deadly serious. Along with bands like 3 Inches Of Blood, BOTD are here to revive metal the 'old school' way for the people who weren't there to witness it first time around.

This is not to say that Ninehertz readers won't appreciate this, there is a definite stoner / 70's rock edge. It is on tracks such as 'Cocaine Years, Cocaine Tears', 'Warrior Fugue' and 'Murder Red' that the rougher side of this band comes out which will make them appeal to stoner rock and classic metal fans alike. The dualling flying-V guitar solos still get their moments of glory (and there are many of them), but at times they get to take a back seat to give way for some big melodies, massive hooks and some of the dirtiest riffs you'll hear all year. If you can get past the cheesy guitar solos, intros and track titles there are some gems to be found.

There is no point trying to fit Bible Of The Devil in to one particular genre or sub genre as they are forever jumping between so many. They are metal - and that is all you need to know! This may not be clever or the sort of experimental metal which seems to be popular at the moment but it sure as hell rocks and is great fun.


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