Co-exist Surgical Removal Of The Teeth, Toenails And Drilling Of The Kneecaps

Tue 19th July 2005


/incoming/coexist.jpgI've been a fan of these Glaswegian grind-dogs for a few years now ever since their 'Phase 4' cd came into my possession. This album has taken a good couple of years to finally see the light of day. From the off it is as apparent as a nail-gun shot to the cheek that it was worth the wait.

They have described themselves as "Power Grind" and its not hard to see why; songs such as 'Teeth Meet Fist', 'Spite Engine' and 'Urge To Mutilate' leave little to the imagination. However the band are not death/gore but a more colder and bleaker machine altogether. A discordant grind and power metal blistering aural assault spits out bullets like a self aware machine gun. Featuring the awesome vocal talents of drummer Quzzy as well as underground metal legend Paul Catten, the larynx ferocity present is more disturbing than most. Taking bands like Napalm Death, Carcass and Brutal Truth as reference points Co-Exist are hard to pin down and contain as many catchy riffs as they do incisive ones.

Ramming in 18 tracks in just under 50 minutes this is not a metal-grind album that simply whizzes past but instead crashes around with the unpredictability of a prisoner trapped in some ungodly Labyrinth. Splitting up songs with titles like 'Surgeon Without Licence', 'Fear of Sharks' and the power metal anthem 'I Am Leper' are some well selected samples that add to the misanthropic war zone that is this album. This is an original and pulverizing debut and one that should bring this hardworking band the recognition they deserve.


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