Mistress Old Angel, Nottingham, 04/02/2005

Sun 13th February 2005

Support from 3 Stages of Pain, Bumsnogger, The Mirimar Disaster


A night of noise, beer and classic rock impromptu renditions, that can't be the Old Angel can it? Of Course it is, and what a night it was.

First up, Sheffield's own The Mirimar Disaster, who step onto stage in an assured manner to bring us their mid-pace riffology, a cross between a whole host of bands that works incredibly well. Given they have two guitarists you might expect some technical work a la Dillenger Escape Plan, and sure enough, theres some squiggly arty licks in there. Frontman Stocky goes all out as is his norm, bending over double, veins popping and the innovative use of the delay pedal on his vocals is always interesting to see. Its their final song where Mirimar shine though, a swaggering, assured riff that gets heads nodding and has just enough repetitive catchiness to render the audience under their power. Brilliant, and the crowd think so too.

Nottingham's own messed-up dickheads Bumsnogger come on and ruin what had been a night of deft musicianship. But in doing so, they get my vote, being pissed and goading both audience and each other, they are always a treat to watch. New member Mars fitting in perfectly with Chris, joining him on guitar. Heckles from members of Mistress and a load of Nottingham regulars only serves to egg them on, as Andy spits out screams while rocking back and forth. Highlight of the set comes courtesy of 'Phoenix Nights'-inspired 'Covered In Piss' which has a catchy chorus and riff. Lets hope we see more of them this year.

Next up were Doncaster/Sheffield's 3 Stages of Pain, who come on like a band reborn, their time in the studio has obviously paid them immense dividends as the 5-piece rip through new material like they'd been playing it for years. Their singer appeared to have taken some kind of stimulus as the set went on, jumping and throwing pints of beer, both on himself through a motorcycle helmet, and at the audience. The set never loses momentum, and they impress all present, myself included, before at previous gigs I'd thought them to be a little stale, not pushing enough boundaries, but tonight they proved me wrong. This vigour may have been down to their guitarist playing his last gig with them, but even without him, they should go on to become Undergrooves biggest band now Charger have changed camps and name.

So onto Mistress, the room fills up, beer is thrown again, and the heckles start as soon as Mick Kenney and his band of Birmingham reprobates plug in and proceed to destroy the room. Tracks such as 'Rat Piss' and 'Psychic One Inch Punch' are delivered in the usual hostile way, before they give into Bumsnoggers goading and play about half of the Danzig classic 'Mother' to everyone's amusement. New track 'In Disgust We Trust' gets an airing and its more of the same, so lets hope Earache don't let them down. The mayhem continues until the amazing 'God Of Rock' is spat out and the madness concludes with people all over the floor and some random guy with his trousers round his ankles, pacing back and forth in front of the stage.

Only in Nottingham.


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