Mfkzt S/t Demo/necropolypticalomicron

Sat 16th October 2004

Miguel Cerveza

/incoming/mfkzt.jpg Mfkzt - a joke posing as a band, or a band posing as a joke? Well it varies depending on what day you speak to them. This band are messy and they don't care what you or anybody else thinks. The setup? Two "vocalists", a guitarist and a drum sound conjured up on one of those new personal computer dealies. The sound? Well think Agoraphobic Nosebleed minus the often scary lyrics and add a touch of Benny Hill and cult movie samples (Dogma being the noticeable one on the s/t). The three songs that make up the first demo are primitive compared to the EP, but still do the job of making you both laugh and express concern for Rob Himself and Necroskull's throats. Sadly the last track is just pointless noodling, this would have been best left as a two tracker.

Necropolypticalomicron, however, sees the band take form a little more./incoming/necro.png Songs with such diverse influences as Anaal Nathrakh and Pig Destroyer set the release alight and a harsher, more focused production makes the tracks on show here shine, as far as you can make something so horribly dirty shine. Even a cover of 'Swain Cunt' by cult tossers DeathKillHate can't ruin what is a truly hilarious and diverse release While better witnessed live, these songs are still balls-to-the-wall heavy and you're guaranteed to be smiling at the end of it all. Get in on the joke, Mfkzt are here and they may well kill you.

Miguel Cerveza


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