Five Horse Johnson Boardwalk, Sheffield, 02/12/2003

Fri 8th October 2004


One would hope that lack of promotion is to blame for the fact that the Boardwalk's crowd here to see Ohio's finest numbers less than twenty, and not a lack of interest. How a band who play good, sometimes great, southern states style stoner rock draw a fraction of that to be found at many a crappy covers band is otherwise a bewilderment. The venue's management haven't even deemed the crowd large enough to warrant moving the furniture from the dance floor, resulting in the odd sensation of sitting at a table in front of a rock band.

This is Five Horse Johnson's first date on their UK tour to promote their Last Men On Earth album, and while they don't exactly rise to the challenge of turning adversity on its head and rocking out even harder, they don't appear to let it affect the quality of their set. Not surprisingly, most of tonight's songs are taken from their recent release. And while the album is very enjoyable in its own right, it doesn't venture far from the path trodden on their three previous recordings, and the highlights for me, this being my first live experience of Five Horse Johnson, are their older songs, especially those from the superb The No. 6 Dance.



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