ninehertz Rules

ninehertz not only encourages the submission of news and reviews from anybody and everybody - this concept is the essence of this webzine. Whilst we try to maintain this as a free medium of opinion, we have to impose a few rules to keep the spirit of ninehertz alive.


Everything submitted to ninehertz will be viewed by a member of staff before being published. Unless it contravenes any of the following rules, it will be published. Please note: differences in opinion will NOT be reason to edit or delete submissions.

  • ILLEGAL: Anything that may be deemed illegal or in breach of copyright, that would lead to the possibility of prosecution or shutting down of ninehertz will be deleted immediately. If you feel anything published contravenes this rule, then please let us know immediately.
  • UNTRUTHFUL: Anything that is known to be untruthful will be deleted or edited.
  • OFFENSIVE: Anything that may be deemed personally offensive to any one person will be reviewed, edited or deleted. Anything deemed racist, sexist or homophobic will be deleted immediately.
  • SELF-PROMOTION: Whilst we encourage news and gig listings from bands and record labels, we discourage reviews that benefit your self-interests. ninehertz is a forum for neutral reviews to inform others more about music, not a series of adverts.
  • QUALITY: Whilst we rarely edit or delete submissions due to quality issues, there are a few reasons why we may need to do so. Submissions may be edited for general spelling or grammar mistakes, or unintentional inaccuracies. Although we set no word limits, please try to gage the feeling of other reviews when it comes to length, we will be especially cautious towards very short album reviews, for instance.

If you have any queries or doubts about any of the rules, or about anything you wish to submit, please use the forum to ask your questions.


ninehertz will not release any of our member's details to any third party without express consent from the member in question, with the exception of information requested by Law Enforcement Officers. When an item is published to the site the username of the submitter is displayed with the article.


ninehertz reserves the right to edit or delete, without notice, anything submitted to the website. Anything published is the property of ninehertz. We also reserve the right to deny access to this website and associated forum. ninehertz offer no guarantee on the availability of this web site or in the response to any queries.